Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Introduction of Sorts

    I suppose the best way to start a blog could be to explain who I am and a little history about myself. Recently, my husband and I had a baby - a beautiful little girl we named Kyleigh Ann. Aside from the Lord and my husband, she is basically my life right now.

Photo by Suzanne Plitt

    I am young, only twenty one. As of May, I was married two years to a wonderful man who is my same age. He has been a wonderful husband to me, and my very best friend. We met when we were fifteen years old and have loved each other ever since. It was a highly unlikely match, but God had plans that most everyone couldn't have foreseen.

    I was homeschooled and raised in church my whole life; my husband went to public school and had been raised by good parents gone bad. Make no mistake, they are now the very best in-laws I could ever have asked for. However, when my husband and I met, they were both rehabilitating from drug abuse and had previously abandoned he and his brother. But, that story is for another post.

   Needless to say, the fifteen-year-old boy who walked in my dad's back door one day - slightly overhung, dressed in baggy clothes, and with an I-don't-care-attitude that could have intimidated most anyone - was not the perfect mate my parents had in mind for me to spend the rest of my life with. Although, I suppose I was attracted to the bad-boy air he had about him... and before you know it we were knit at the heart.

    Many trials, God-changes, familial fights, and about a hundred handwritten notes later, my dad walked me down the isle to that bad boy and then married us with no regrets. I now love and respect my husband with such a depth that I am able to submit to his spirit-led leadership every day. He has a heart of gold that no one could have placed in him except Jesus Christ. One day, I will post he and his familys' full testimony for you to read.

Photo by Suzanne Plitt 

About a year and a half ago, my husband was in a really bad accident. For a living, he, his brother, and his dad trim, cut down, and haul off trees. Well, on this particular job in January of 2008, only eight months after we were married, he was pinned and crushed between the cable, that was supposed to protect him, and a large oak tree limb. The accident stretched and tore all the muscles in his upper thighs, fractured his pelvic bone, and left him unable to walk on his own strength for weeks. We became closer through it all, and sober to the reality of how fragile life, and the ability to even have children, can really be. 
    Before the accident, we were pretty sure we wanted to wait a few years to have kids of our own. Two days after the accident, my husband told me that he wanted to start trying to have kids as soon as possible. I was pretty blown away by the notion, and not totally sure I agreed, but the previously mentioned revelation hadn't escaped me. At first, I went into the challenge half-heartedly. I was submitting to my husband and trying to remember the way it felt to be unsure if we would be able to have children. However, months later when it appeared as though we may not be able to have kids after all, God put a desire in my heart that I can hardly explain. I repented for my selfishness and the unwillingness I had harbored in my heart, and began to cry out to the Lord for mercy and the ability to get pregnant. 
    After eight months, countless pregnancy tests, and much prayer, I finally got a plus sign in the local WalMart bathroom (LOL). We kept it a secret for a couple weeks and surprised everyone at church one day. Since then, God has done a lot of work inside of me. I am so thankful that He alone knows exactly what to put us through in order to get us to where we need to be. 

   I hope that you have a clearer picture of me now, and in the future I plan to elaborate on a few things I mentioned here. It's nice to meet you, and I hope you enjoy.

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Anita Villavaso said...

If there was a like button I would press it. I love reading your stories how God has blessed y'all in awesome ways.