Monday, December 28, 2009

What Christmas Has Become

This Christmas, I was pretty ashamed of myself... to say the least. I was ashamed of my country. I was ashamed of my friends and family. I was ashamed of what we have all made this sacred day. Instead of a celebration reminding us of the birth of our Savior and Lord, we have made it a celebration of ourselves. Our money. Our children... etc. When did it become about who could buy the biggest, coolest gift? When did it become about going into debt to make sure our kids were satisfied with whatever it is we spent all our money on? We promote selfishness, lust, pride, and debt... then do it in the name of Jesus. Ridiculous.

God let my husband and I get to a place this year where we were happy just to have all our utilities for Christmas. And I am so thankful. My eyes were really opened to the actual condition of the holiday. It's quite sickening.

At some point, I watched part of an episode of America's Funniest Videos. It was several clips, back to back, of people opening gifts. In one of the clips, a boy, around seven years old, opens a gift and pulls out a shirt. After slamming it down and dramatically hanging his head for a moment, he picks it up and chunks it into the Christmas tree and storms out of the room. The crowd exploded in laughter...

What have we become? Where is the gratefulness? Why are we teaching our kids to be self indulgent and unthankful? In other countries, there are children who would be overjoyed for a piece of fruit!!! (Much less a shirt!!!!)

I used to condemn the idea of a no-gifts, no-frills Christmas (some Christians celebrate this way). I have to tell you, my thoughts on the subject are completely different now. I'm not entirely sure what we will do exactly in the future, but I do know one thing... I hope the Lord brings this year back to my memory often so that I never forget what Christmas is REALLY about.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

His Dreams Are My Dreams

I tried so hard to "fix" my husband when we first got married. I had these dreams of being a missionary, maybe a preacher's wife, etc... But I married a tree climber instead. I knew in my spirit that I married the right one and that this course was the one God wanted me on... but my head had other plans. I was discontent with life because I wanted to be "doing" something for God... and I wanted my husband to want that same thing. However, he just didn't meet the expectations I had in a spiritual sense. When I finally realized that my job wasn't to make my husband become something he wasn't, and that when I married him I was supposed to support whatever it was that his dreams were instead of mine, my whole life changed. I became content, we started getting along better, and my husband could finally hear the voice of the Lord over my demands and criticism. I discovered my husband's heart and cannot imagine a better man. God has changed us both so very much and I am so thankful he opened my eyes. I am a missionary - to my lost family and friends. I am the wife of a preacher - he preaches the gospel in the way he walks his Christian life out. I am in ministry - my prayers and my willingness to serve my husband's desires have given my husband the ability to help people on a daily basis.

There is a new religious trend in the church today. It is yet another cop-out to the way God intends a marriage to be. The feminist ideal hides behind a religious mask by stating, ever so innocently, that "I can't allow my husband to become an idol to me." But if you really study what it means to be a Godly woman.., a married Godly woman.., you will find that it is almost impossible for your husband to be an idol in your life. I mean, he would literally have to interfere with your relationship with God in a major way (i.e. you couldn't read your Bible, pray, or worship without constantly thinking of your husband).

When you read through the Bible and discover the characteristics of a Godly wife, you will find that she is wholly devoted to her husband. She follows him wherever he goes. She helps and serves him to the very best of her abilities. Her goals are his goals.

Women try to bring the world into the church. They justify what they do, but when it comes down to it.., all they're doing is making a religious version of a worldly career woman's life. Having a separate religious life from your husband in the name of ministry is ridiculous. It's a mockery of what a true Godly wife should be.

How can you even think you should be "doing all these things for God" when the whole reason you were even created was to be a helpmeet FOR YOUR HUSBAND. When you said "I do" you jumped straight into ministry - the ministry of serving your husband. The end. That little feeling deep inside, that you need to be doing more outside your home, is deceitful. God will bring the circumstances He wants you in to you - you don't have to go find them and make them happen. If you want so bad to be in ministry, start lifting your husband up and supporting him. God will speak to him and lead him, but it will be hard for him to become that mighty man of God when his wife is too busy overshadowing him trying to be a mighty woman of God without him.