Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Have the Answer!

    So, I have picked up reading again - something I haven't really found the time or desire to do in the past couple years. Sad, considering I used to read through three hundred page books in hours because it was such a passion. My reading led to my writing. Other than this blog, writing is something else I have let wane over time. Both were favorite pastimes of mine that have gone to dust.

    When I used to write, my stories were pure fiction. I never imagined I'd experience, or know of any experiences, that would be book worthy.  However, especially recently, I am completely convinced that the real life testimonies I have witnessed, and been a part of, are one hundred percent book worthy. I tell people all the time that I should walk around with a video camera - my life could be a reality show. But not for the faint of heart.

    I have noticed that a major trend going around in the media is real life. Reality shows. Controversial documentaries, songs, books... stuff that is made up of the truth - the happenings, thoughts, and experiences of REAL people that don't hold back. Sure, some of it is staged... but that fact of the matter is this: people are dying to know that there are others out there who have the same problems, feelings, thoughts, and experiences as they do.

    Someone recently brought to my attention a popular secular song about abusive relationships. However controversial, the song was a major hit. Why? Because it's flat out honest. The struggles so many people keep tucked away under their rugs was blared into a microphone for the whole world to hear. Why am I writing about it?? Because I see all this: the songs about fighting addiction, the revealing of so much pain, the shows like "Intervention"... and all I can think is, why aren't Christians sharing their testimonies?? So many times, these songs and shows and stories don't have happy endings. And when they do, it's always a question of how long will that happy ending last? I just want to scream, "I HAVE THE ANSWER!"

    I think that once we are saved for a little while and get rooted in a church, we get into this lifestyle that secludes us from the world. We start to forget where we came from. We start to pretend like it never happened... But the Bible says that we overcome by the word of our testimony (Revelations). Is it because of pride that we don't like to admit how we were in the past? I think yes. How does that bring God glory?? "Look at me, look at me... a perfect Christian, perfect home, going to a perfect church..." How selfish to keep it all to yourself? What if there is someone out there who needs to know that this thing is real. Jesus Christ is the ANSWER for whatever they're going through. They'll never know unless you tell them. What good is it to say, "You can be free from your struggles...." when you can say, "You can be free from your struggles just like me, give me a second to tell you exactly what my struggle was and how Jesus Christ freed me..."

   Another thought I had was, why are so many Christians STILL struggling with those things and not being honest about it! Quit being so prideful, and start telling the truth. Go to your pastor, go to your elders, get prayer. Get deliverance.

    I'm not so sure so many Christians know the same God that I know. They claim to know Him, they claim to be born again. But let me tell you something, my Jesus - my SAVIOR - is a mighty, powerful God, and He has delivered me, my family, and my friends of every evil, wicked thing in our lives. And I DO NOT have to sin anymore (this is outlined in Hebrews in detail). I can walk day to day, trusting in the grace and mercy of the Lord, and know that the power given to me by the blood Jesus shed on the cross is enough for me.

    The devil's biggest lie here in America is that he doesn't exist. Well he most certainly does, but so does my God. And my God isn't this candy coated, ruffly man in the fluffy clouds. He is majesty, and He is mighty to save.