Thursday, May 8, 2014

Real Life vs. Cookie Cutter Christianity

So many times when we "Christians" go through stuff, publicly we feel this need to put on a beautiful show. A grand facade that delicately hides the true depth of our emotions and inner battles. We've been trained since birth that our lives should glorify Christ, and somehow this has become a fantastical doctrine of "conceal, don't feel" [yes, I totally stole that line from Frozen]. Crack open your Bible and shake off the dust, though, and you'll find men and women who were honest and open about their struggles. Quote a couple verses out if the mouths of Job, David, Gideon, and you'll see real men with real struggles who were honest and open to God about the way they felt.

God doesn't delight in fake. You may have the whole world tricked into believing you have a perfect life and never struggle through things, but God sees the heart. You're killing yourself and others by popping off with that Joel Osteen grin and carefully contructing your phrases to mimic those of the pastor. People, who can't pull off fake, feel condemned and hopeless by your affluent attitude, and God is looking down wondering how long you're going to walk around like Adam and Eve hiding in the garden. 

We've created our own lists of "things that glorify God." Oh, you're feeling depressed and defeated today? That doesn't glorify God - lets mark that as sin. So you aren't married and desire a certain young woman every waking moment of your life? That's lust; put it in the sin list. 

But what if we stepped back for a minute and realized that it's not about WHAT you're dealing with, it's about HOW you deal with it! Everybody fights with lust before marriage, and many fight it afterward. It doesn't make you a devil, it makes you human. Jesus Himself faced temptation. What do you do with it once you realize you're being consumed by it? That's what matters.

God is glorified when His beautiful creation lays their broken lives at His feet and He then picks up the pieces to make a beautiful collage. He delights in His people - the ones who have an actual relationship with Him. The ones who confide in Him, and dance life's dance before His eyes. And in this way, others can be touched by our genuine living. Our transparent lives are what will draw souls to the throne of God.