Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hypocrites, Extremists, and the Genuine

I've grown up in church my whole life, and the truth is that there are primarily two types of "Christians", and a rare remnant of a third type.

The first are the hypocrites. They don't know it, but most people can spot them from a mile away. They talk the talk and know how to wear the labels, but in reality they simply use religion as a feel good, self promoting hobby. They leave a bad taste in your mouth, and the world rolls their eyes in disgust.

These people are murdering the lost by presenting a false gospel. Jesus came to transform us into new creatures that do not look like the world during the week but then dress in our best Christian garb on Sunday morning.

The second type are the extremists. The extremists look and sound too good to be true. They live out of touch with reality - strictly adhering to every rule conceivable. Unfortunately, most of their rules are of their own mind versus Biblical truth. Their ideals carry them through life in a whirlwind of self abuse, condemnation, and turmoil. They can never truly grab a hold of the freedom and joy that is in Christ Jesus because they're constantly wallowing in a quest for earthly perfection. In this self righteous quest, they pass over the bleeding and dying by the droves.

How are you going to show the love of Jesus to the crack addicts, the homeless, and the prostitutes if you're too busy nitpicking others apart because they don't mirror your idea of righteousness? If you're too busy worried about your SELF and "your walk with the Lord"... don't you understand that if your life was consumed with serving others and seeking out SINNERS... You wouldn't have time to dwell on all the pointless and mundane characteristics in others and in yourself. This festers a feeling of defeat in yourself and everyone around you. Holiness would come each time you hugged a woman who feels worthless, every time you fed the homeless and washed their feet, every time you opened your home to the hopeless and desperate... Empty your life of the religious, Pharisee principles and get back to the basics!

The third type are rare indeed. These are what I consider to be a true picture of Christianity. While there are many "sincere" extremists, they are so far in left field that they've forgotten the point of Christianity altogether. So the third type are those who are Genuine through and through. These are those who have gotten a grip on the big picture. They are not caught up in themselves or religion, but in touching the world for the glory of God. They make themselves available to GOD. They are not afraid to dine with sinners and associate with the lost. In fact, you won't hardly find them in a church "building" because they ARE the church! These are the truly radical... They cannot be explained by the world. They move through the world but are not OF IT. The power of God allows them to be among the sinners without partaking in the sin. The supernatural love of God flows through them and they change things. They aren't content to warm pews and stew over doctrines and theologies. The Holy Spirit drives them to a dry and thirsty land to bring forth the life changing, living water of God to the world.